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A GenAI that knows your business

Specific to your use cases

Shape AI to Work as an Extension of Your Enterprise

Save time and resources on content-related workflows

Fully Custom Solution

“A box” may not fit your unique processes and existing workflows.

  • Use-case identification - accurately pinpointing GenAI applications for your needs.
  • Your BrandAI - creating a GenAI model for your brand.
  • Integration - designed for seamless application and optimized results.
Your BrandAI
Fully Custom Solution
Customizable Products

Adapted for brand needs with your GenAI.

  • Know-It-All - a new generation AI assistant (not a chatbot!) with swift data retrieval and intuitive conversations.
  • PerfectPitch - a customized data-driven content creation platform for enterprises.
  • Intentful Commerce - a fusion of e-commerce insights, brand guidelines, and generative AI.

Your GenAI Tools
A license or SOW

Products and Solutions

Comprehensive solutions and products suited for diverse business requirements

Your BrandAI

One size does not fit all. We understand that “a box” offer may not fit your unique processes and existing workflows.

Our tailored approach involves working closely with you to pinpoint where and how GenAI can be applied to achieve your business goals and operational efficiencies. We then create an AI model that knows the specifics of your business and is designed for your use cases, ensuring seamless integration and outcome optimization.


A fully customized content creation platform for enterprises. Rooted in an AI model intricately tuned to know your business, PerfectPitch streamlines content creation, delivering exceptional efficiency without compromising your brand's style and message.




This is conversational search taken to the next level. Very different from a traditional chatbot, Know-It-All is trained on your company’s data, and understands and guides your customers or your employees just like a human assistant would. In natural language without any pre-defined scripts.

Intentful Commerce

A fusion of e-commerce insights, brand guidelines, and generative AI. The result is retailer-specific, SEO-optimized, on-brand, multilingual content at scale.



An AI-powered platform created specifically for Destination Marketing Organizations. Create more high-quality, relevant content by using an AI model that knows your destination.

Intentful Studios

A full-service content creation agency for turnkey delivery. Powered by AI and driven by our team of strategists, prompt engineers, writers, and designers.