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A GenAI model for your destination

Designed specifically for Destination Marketing Organizations


Content creation with your own AI model that knows your destination

  • Trained on your website, things to do, events, brochures, and more

  • Add multiple styles

  • 10 templates: social, itinerary, local business, SEO, blogs, and more 
  • Secure: your data is only yours, and is not used to train the core AI model

  • Live search data insights to boost SEO


For up to 10 users


A conversational widget on your website

  • Answers in a natural language, not like previous-generation chatbots

  • No pre-defined scripts 

  • Can return links to internal web pages for more information

  • Can answer in many languages, no translation needed

  • Integrated via a code snippet 



5,000 queries per month

Save time and resources on content production and customer service

Data meets AI

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