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Example Use Cases

GenAI that knows your business

Once equipped with your own GenAI model, the use-case applications are virtually limitless. From e-commerce and content creation to customer support, knowledge management, and beyond, GenAI augments your business processes.


Your own GenAI model(s)

With just a few clicks and several minutes, you can have your own GenAI model, or as many as you need. Not only does it know your business facts, brand’s style and voice, but also operates fluently across multiple languages.

35 example use cases of GenAI that knows your business

Content for customer engagement

1. Marketing content at scale.

2. Data-driven e-commerce product descriptions.

3. Long-form, SEO-optimized blog posts and articles.

4. Social media content.

5. Email campaigns.

6. Bespoke landing pages and website content.

7. A/B testing content variations.

8. Creation of multilingual content.

9. Translation and transcreation for global audiences.

10. Video content transcription for accessibility.

11. Customer loyalty programs.

12. Coordinating cross-channel messaging to uphold brand consistency.

Knowledge management

13. Customer support automation.

14. Developing live agent scripts for customer service interactions using brand language.

15. Implementing advanced search within enterprise data.

16. Generating FAQs and customer support insights based on business knowledge.

17. Creating tailored sales presentations and pitches.

18. AI-driven staff training programs.

19. Streamlining onboarding and offboarding processes.

20. Implementing advanced search within enterprise data.

21. Creating recommendation systems for employees.

22. Automating contract creation and standardization.

23. Checking Regulatory compliance.

24. Ensuring Labor Law compliance.

25. Monitoring ESG compliance.

26. Ensuring Advertising and Marketing compliance.

Analysis and summarization

27. Extracting insights from raw data for decision-making.

28. Summarizing lengthy reports for efficient understanding.

29. Interactive and easy comprehension of long reports.

30. Custom social listening analysis.

31. Summarizing market research in the context of brand knowledge.

32. Analyzing competitor content for on-brand opportunities.

33. Advanced sentiment analysis from multiple sources.

34. Intent analysis in customer Interactions.

35. Intent-based segmentation based on behavior and predicted intentions.

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