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A GenAI that Knows Your Business

Whether it's an AI assistant, a content platform, or a conversational ad, our products are powered by AI models tailored to your business knowledge.


Products and Solutions

Innovative products designed to drive growth

AI Strategy Partner

We assist large enterprises and MNOs in strategically integrating AI. From opportunity identification to bespoke AI roadmaps and workforce upskilling, our practical knowledge ensures seamless implementation and maximizes the value AI adds.


AI for DMOs

Intentful created two products specifically for DMOs. With a secure AI model that knows your destination, Know-It-All answers visitor questions effortlessly. HappyPlaces is perfect for destination content creation.

AI Assistant: Know-It-All

Our AI Assistant learns your information quickly and answers in natural, conversational language. Unlike traditional chatbots with predefined scripts, it communicates fluently and in any language.

Data-Driven Content

A customized content creation platform with AI knowing your organization, tuned to your brand and voice. Exceptional efficiency while maintaining your style, facts, and message.

Conversational Ads

Let your customers ask questions and get answers about your brand directly in the banner, without having to click on it. This innovative approach results in increased user engagement.

Smart Leads

Everyone wants to sell more. Leverage AI to expand your audience by identifying key insights from publicly available interactions. Segment, craft relevant messages, and connect with prospects more effectively.

Beyond ChatGPT

AI is a powerful tool, but its real strength lies in how it's utilized. With Intentful's innovative approach, it can take as few as a couple of clicks and just several minutes to have the AI model that knows your brand and your business. Even for applications requiring a deeper dive, the time investment remains minimal.

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Data meets AI

At Intentful, we add AI and data to your workflows to achieve unthinkable efficiencies. Once you have AI that knows your business, you can apply it to thousands of cases.

Data meets AI
  • Secure Environment: Your company's data and details are protected, and not used to train core language model.
  • Company-Specific Knowledge: AI knows your company, brands, business objectives, and even pain points.
  • Broad Subject Understanding: Capability to understand and work with information in any domain.
  • Insight-Driven: It can operate with your data insights, optimizing the end result for better performance.
  • Personalized Brand Voice: It mimics your brand’s voice and style for customized communication. Add as many as you want.
  • Multilingual: It communicates comprehensively in nearly any language.

Innovation Grounded in Reality


Intentful’s journey with GenAI began in early 2021, and since then, we've been working with businesses ranging from global corporations to local players all over the world. We've seamlessly integrated AI into their existing workflows, creating scalable opportunities and operational efficiencies.

Here are just a few examples:

Marketing Content for Performing Arts

  • Data+AI powered content now drives 58% of clicks
  • 1,380% growth since January 2022

Knowledge management for a global beauty company

  • An AI-powered knowledge base that allows interactive Q&A

Internal documentation management for one of the world’s largest global hotel chain

  • Eliminated the need to sift through dozens of lengthy PDFs
  • Launched the Brand AI that can comprehend extensive data
  • Enabled effortless creation of various content types

PR & Events Content for Major Messenger App

  • >50% time and cost savings 
  • Style and facts, sentiment analysis, fact-checking.

AI Solution Tailored for a Vertical

  • A Platform for DMOs, connecting with visitors through content, at scale 
  • Local business, itinerary building, and more.

Product Content for Major US Hotel Booking

  • 90% time reduction in content creation
  • > 60% cost savings
  • 40% growth MoM since Nov 2021


If you're worried your company might be lagging in integrating GenAI solutions, your concern is valid. Today, nearly every company globally is identifying use cases and exploring opportunities with GenAI. The pioneers are already in the Proof of Concept (PoC) phase, and the quickest among them have implemented GenerativeAI into their workflow. If you, too, wish to join these trailblazers enjoying impressive growth and efficiency, now is the time.


Popular GenAI Use Cases

Once the Generative AI model knows your business, it opens up a world of practical applications with hundreds of use cases.

Some widely-implemented examples include:

The power of our GenAI that knows your business isn't limited to these applications. Reach out to us today and let's discover how GenAI can be integrated into your operations.

Knowledge Retrieval

AI swiftly organizes and leverages internal data, unlocking invaluable knowledge from your business operations.

Marketing Content

Create engaging content at scale effortlessly using GenAI. Adapt it for different channels.

Data-driven Content

Bring together the data insights that your business already has with the power of GenAI model that knows your business.


From retailer-optimized PDPs to ads, transform the way your products get discovered and elevate customer engagement and sales.

Insights Analysis

Use GenAI to sift through raw data and convert it into clear-cut, actionable insights and narratives.

Customer Service

Offer personalized, proactive, data-driven customer interactions.

Long-form SEO Content

Create SEO-friendly articles and blog posts.

"If you're looking for innovation at scale, Intentful is your go-to source. Their data-driven and AI-powered approach ensures you’re always up-to-date with the latest trends. I highly recommend Intentful if you're ready to take your business to the next level."

Bob Hofmann
Bob Hofmann
VP Broadway Inbound at The Shubert Organization

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