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The efficiency boost

We leverage AI and data to drive previously unimaginable value in content creation

▪  Time

5x faster from brief to live

Includes editing and QA by Intentful staff. As AI evolves, time to live will shorten.

▪  Cost

50% savings on average

Direct production only, indirect costs provide additional savings.

 More content

At every touchpoint

Relevant content at multiple channels. Awareness and performance.

▪  Improved KPIs

Organic traffic 60%+

Data-driven content helps with traffic and engagement.

The importance of training the AI model

Intentful trains AI to know the brand, its voice, historical data, and product facts, thus minimizing incorrect facts in output, inconsistent style, and too many revisions by a human.
  • Knows everything you want it to know

    And more! Continuously improves based on the information it collects.

  • A multitasker

    Can handle multiple projects at once.

  • A polymath

    Has expert knowledge in multiple domains.

  • Delivers at a quality level set by you

    Just tell it what you want: the style, types of projects, and more.

  • Works super fast

    Seconds, not weeks. Even with human editing and quality assurance, time (and cost) savings are significant.

Dots-1 Time savings at a glance

(with human quality assurance)
(with quality assurance)
Short-form content creation (100-300 words) 30 minutes 3 hours
Medium-form content creation (300-600 words) 60 minutes 6-8 hours
Long-form content (800-1000 words) 2 hours ~10 hours
Content plan for 1 month 20 minutes Up to a week
Google Ads (1 ad: 3 headlines, 3 descriptions, CTA) 15 minutes 2 hours


Getting started is easy

We understand that AI-powered content is new for most enterprises. Intentful will work with your team to identify the best use cases and create examples, followed by easy onboarding for a pilot project with clear KPIs. 

Discover the difference we can make for your business