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New York, July 5, 2022.  Places Dot, LLC, a content strategy company focused largely on the use of artificial intelligence to produce the most relevant and targeted text-based content possible, announced today that it will rebrand and start doing business as “Intentful.” The rebranding reflects the Company’s realization that its services can, and presently do, provide significant value to clients in a broad array of industries, allowing it to offer such services beyond its original travel-oriented (or “Places.”) target market.

Marina Petrova, CEO, commented: “As clients in a variety of businesses have reached out to us to help them achieve their marketing goals, particularly through the use of technologies that provide targeted content based on data-driven insights, we came to realize that the name ‘Places Dot’ no longer appropriately conveyed the way we provide value-added service to our customer base. We are excited to introduce our new name, which we feel more accurately reflects the way we are able to contribute to our clients' success – producing content matched to customer intent.”

Leaving the Intentful venture day-to-day operations, Jonathan Elkoubi, co-founder and previously Chief Commercial Officer of Places., will return to the helm of his consultancy firm NAVEW (the North American Visitors Experience Watch), to maintain his focus on the Travel sector.

 "I would like to thank Jonathan for his contribution to our success in starting the company", said Petrova. "Bruce and I look forward to working with Jonathan as a continuing member of the enterprise.”

Intentful’s new website, www.Intentful.ai, provides a more detailed description of the Company and the services it offers. For more information please contact:

Marina Petrova

CEO / Co-Founder


Bruce Amick

COO / Co-Founder