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Examples of AI-generated content

As a content company that leverages AI in its work, we at Intentful are often asked about the practical use of AI and how it can help create efficiencies in business processes, and what the use cases of AI-generated content are. 

In this blog post, I’ll share some examples of text and images created with the help of artificial intelligence, as well as talk about how AI is not meant to replace creativity but can help you have more quality content with significantly less effort, leading to dramatic savings in cost and times faster delivery.Example of AI-generated content

This might sound like a bold claim, but Intentful can cut your content creation costs in half. All thanks to the use of technologies, while keeping the quality of content as high as possible and in line with brand voice and guidelines.

How is this possible? The first thing to understand is how AI creates content – it is by synthesizing and analyzing data, and then creating new content based on that data. AI can “remember” times and times more information than any of us can, and that’s why it can help you generate more content in less time and with less effort.

If you think it is a robot-like sounding text, it’s totally not. You decide what content you would like to create. In fact, most of this blog post has been written with the help of our Intentful’s AI platform, but it doesn’t mean that AI decides what to write about. The quality of AI-generated content depends on the quality of guidelines (prompts) and the dataset that it is trained on. If you’d like us to demo AI content for your brand or business, please get in touch.

Here are just a few example use cases of gaining efficiencies with the help of AI:

E-commerce: if you have a catalog of 50 products and sell your products on 10 websites, you need unique descriptions for each because of SEO. The only thought of writing 500 different PDPs would make everyone sweat. With AI, it is possible to create those descriptions quickly and efficiently, significantly reducing your costs. And as an added bonus, because your training dataset can be prepared to include historically best-converting content, AI will quickly pick up the pattern and create content in a similar style.

Marketing content: whether you’re creating a webinar, blog post, social media post, or video, AI can help you create marketing content fast, and maintain consistency and quality.

Content curation: what if you had a large number of brand content built over the years (blogs, videos, articles) that you would like to curate and offer to your audience but have a very limited amount of time and your team is busy with other tasks? AI will curate content for you, and you’ll get a fresh, updated version of your own content that can be reused in different channels.

Video summaries: have AI “watch” a video and then automatically generate a 1-2 minute summary of the content. That would allow you to quickly create short snippets of content that you could use in your marketing and social media efforts, with very little work on your part.

Customer support: if you have a lot of questions being asked on your website or in an app, AI can generate answers, based on your existing content, and that can be used to help reduce human involvement in answering support requests. If your immediate thought is a bad experience you had with a chatbot, those days are in the past – there has been significant improvement in natural language processing tech.

These are just a few examples, but the possibilities are endless. 

Examples of AI-generated content: text

Take a look at how Intentful trained AI to sound like Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde for debate at Oxford Union.

AI Shakespeare The ConversationShakespeare AI. iku4

Examples of AI-generated content: images

Still in the early stages, but images created with the help of AI are, frankly, mind-blowing. It is not a way to create new art, but just as with text content, we all are about to witness a huge leap in efficiency, especially for companies working in marketing, e-commerce, and media. The use of AI images will greatly speed up many internal processes. For example, creating a storyboard for a new video ad will be a snap. 

Expressing ideas through visuals will also be a huge help to those who can't draw. Like me. I created this image with the help of AI to communicate the idea that Ukraine is not just fighting for its independence – the future of the world very much depends on Ukraine.

Ukraine sunflower globe

More images for your inspiration.

Times Square AI imageAnd one more image generated by AI:

AI green sneakers Warhol style

AI is becoming increasingly advanced and more widespread. In this age of technology, brands are finding innovative ways to deploy AI-generated content marketing for various business needs. If you're ready to take your content game to the next level, let's talk.