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What Matters in Content Creation in 2023

Content is the lifeblood of brand discovery and promotion, and companies that can make it unique and compelling have seen their brand awareness and loyalty increase significantly. Businesses that invest in content marketing yield a much greater return – by connecting with audiences through content, brands build trust, drive traffic, and convert visitors into customers.

Audit your Content

Start by evaluating if your current content creation process is fit for the reality of the always-on, often-on-the-go, constantly distracted customers.

Is your brand’s content: 

Relevant to audience interests, and not based on subjective views of the creative or marketing team?
Customized for multiple channels (organic and paid)?
Unique across channels?
Produced fast without overloading your teams?
Doesn’t cost a fortune?

Honest answers to the above questions are a good start to consider if your approach might need a reboot, to fully utilize content as a major brand engagement tool. 

The other two issues we'd like you to consider in 2023 are the importance of unique content and the often-overlooked value of text-based content.

Not just multichannel, but fully unique

Today’s consumers expect to be able to find and engage with brands on multiple platforms. Not only should the content be tailored to the channel it will be presented on, but it needs to be unique, e.g., a product description on your website needs to be different from what you post on Amazon. Avoid duplicate content and ensure consistency across channels in terms of tone, message, and visuals.

The Value of Text-Based Content

Text-based content is very important in brand discovery. Hootesuite summarized performance by channel in their 2022 research.

This summary often comes as a surprise to many marketers as, quite often, most effort and budget is spent on images and video. Audit your own content mix to see if you’re giving text the attention it deserves – you might be missing out on a significant opportunity.

Intentful | Sources of brand discovery

If you want to make your brand stick in the minds of your followers, you need to provide them with valuable and engaging information. But common sense is not always common practice, and quite often, the decision on what’s valuable and engaging is subjective, and not driven by data insights. Also, we live in an age of information overload and limited attention spans, which is why relevant, easy-to-digest content is simply a must. Text, if not boring, can effectively communicate a message swiftly, making it suitable for websurfers who have a limited amount of time. Such kind of content is also easier to scan and skim through, allowing a reader to quickly pick up key points and main ideas.

New Ways of Creating Content That Works

At Intentful, we believe that the old approach to creating content simply no longer works. It is slow, expensive, and too often subjective. We are a new type of content creation agency delivering high-quality, data-driven content at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods.

Our approach is built on a unique combination of human creativity, the use of data insights, artificial intelligence, and a deep understanding of engagement metrics that drive performance.

The strategy defined by humans

Creating content without strategy is like driving without a road map or GPS. You might get somewhere eventually, but probably not as fast or as successfully as you could have if you had a map. The content strategy provides the framework and direction needed to create work that resonates with your target audience, drives engagement, leads to conversions, and delivers whatever goal you set. This process requires focus, precision, and creativity, and can only be done by a human. 

Data Insights

By leveraging data insights, we create content that resonates with its intended audience and achieves the desired result. Relevant content helps you reach more people and increase your visibility online. It can also improve the user experience and build trust with your customers. If you make a person trudge through the page to find what they need, you will quickly lose their interest. Data-driven content ensures you are giving the customer what they are truly interested in.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is helping businesses create content faster and more efficiently than ever before. Intentful's AI-driven content creation tool allows the automation of mundane tasks and sometimes even helps with ideation. When the AI model is trained and knows your business, it saves a lot of time, as there is no need to manually search for information or spend hours creating content.

Intentful | AI is helping businesses create relevant content faster and more efficiently than ever before. 


AI has a huge learning power, and if fine-tuned to know the facts about your business, it will produce high-quality content indistinguishable from what a human would write. Fact-checking is very important. AI is trained on billions of parameters, but because of the way the technology works, AI sometimes can make things up. At Intentful, we run 3 rounds of human QA (Quality Assurance) before the work gets to a project manager and then to a client, ensuring all facts are correct and the content is plagiarism-free.

Besides, with the help of technology, content creators can improve the consistency of text, as well as overall readability. AI can be trained to mimic your brand's existing style – this can help you create texts that are in line with the identity of your brand to ultimately offer a unified customer experience across channels.

Engagement Metrics

Measuring results is essential to any successful endeavor. It helps evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts, track progress, identify areas of improvement, and make informed decisions. Content KPIs also enable you to measure the return on investment (ROI) of your content marketing activities and see the impact they have on your business.

Getting started is easy. It is the same process you’d have when briefing your freelance writers or the agency team. But our revolutionary approach provides content at scale, hyper-relevant to the brand's communication goals and to audience interests, all at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods.

Contact our team to get the best content solution for your brand.