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Being Intentful. The Future of Content.

I am writing this blog post on a flight from New York City to London, where I will be one of the speakers at The Future of Modern Marketing conference organized by MMA

Why am I even mentioning this? 

Right at this second, I am connected to a high-speed wi-fi on a flight. This is such a usual feature now that you might say, “so what?” But not only am I online on a transatlantic flight, but I am also using our AI-powered platform throughout this flight to work on a client’s project. Is having access to such technologies and experiences something we could all think about just a couple of years ago? The change is here. However, coffee is as bad as it always was. Sorry, Delta.

I will not bore you with the “digital transformation” and “digital-first” preaching. 

We all know that the world has changed, and we have to change with it.

To make it a bit more tangible and concrete, I want to discuss the new trends in marketing and how they can be implemented with today’s technology and tools.

As consumers, we love new technologies and the conveniences that come with them. As businesses, it takes time to realize what will impact the bottom line. Especially for large and - no offense - slow companies. 

The challenge with the 2022 digital marketing is that despite all the data, analytics, transformation, cookies, and so on talk, there is no simple textbook to follow. Add to that the hiring challenges, company silos, or unfortunate experience of interacting with those who claim to be experts but often promise more than they can deliver. It all leads to “So what do I do?”

Having looked at hundreds of analytics accounts, one thing pops out - a massive disconnect between what customers want and what companies think their customers want. This disconnect wasn’t always as visible in a one-way communication world, where it was mostly brands talking at their consumers. But in a world where people interact with more touchpoints than ever before and their attention span is limited to milliseconds, the old approaches simply no longer work. 

In essence, you need just 3 steps:

1. Understand who your audiences are and what they are REALLY interested in, not what you think they want.

2. Create content at scale to connect with your audience at every touchpoint, with relevant content they actually want.

3. Publish, target, measure, and repeat.

Many will say “Yeah, right.”

Faces of content painMy genius business partner Bruce Amick has come up with an idea of visualizing the marketing content pains that businesses have, similar to the faces of pain used at hospitals. So we adapted the approach to the Face of Content Pain. Some companies asked us, “What if we are all those pains?”

But with advances in technology, no one needs to suffer.

We launched Intentful with a vision to introduce a revolutionary approach to creating content matched to customer intent. Powered by data and AI, it helps produce relevant marketing content faster and at a fraction of traditional content creation costs, without sacrificing quality. And we already have the results that prove it does work:

  • 30% budget savings on average
  • At least 5 times faster
  • Organic traffic growth of at least 60%

A human is involved. It’s not just one magic click. But AI brilliantly augments a human.

Here is an example I just generated during the flight in about 30 seconds. I asked AI to create a marketing copy about the in-flight experience on a transatlantic Delta flight. The AI model wasn’t trained on Delta’s content, so I am seeing an output that might require fact-checking and might not be 100% in line with Delta’s marketing guidelines.

“If you're looking for a fast and reliable in-flight internet experience, Delta is the airline for you. With our high-speed Gogo® Wi-Fi, you can keep in touch with friends and family, catch up on work, or simply surf the web at high speeds – all from the comfort of your seat. Whether you're flying for business or pleasure, Delta's in-flight Wi-Fi is sure to make your flight more enjoyable.”

And another 30 seconds of my and AI time:

“You're in for a treat when you fly Delta. We have an extensive selection of in-flight entertainment, so you can watch, listen, and play to your heart's content. Whether you're looking to enjoy the latest movies, hit TV shows, music, games, or even live TV, Delta has you covered. When it comes to movies, we've got the latest releases as well as classics that everyone loves. And with our TV selection, you can catch up on your favorite shows or discover something new. We've also got a great music library, featuring both popular and Delta-exclusive content.

And to keep the little ones entertained, we offer a variety of kid-friendly options as well. With games, movies, and TV shows specifically designed for kids, they're sure to have a great time. Our family-friendly entertainment options will keep everyone happy for hours.

So whether you're looking to be educated, informed, or just plain entertained, Delta has the perfect in-flight entertainment options for you.”

If AI was trained on Delta-specific content, the results would be even better. 

Now I will assume that this content is needed for a landing page that talks about the in-flight experience. And that means it needs to be SEO-friendly. My next steps? I am using AI to extract keywords from this content, and I get “in-flight entertainment, movies, TV shows, music, games, live TV, kid-friendly”. If these are my target keywords, I am good to go. If I also need to include, say, a “Delta NYC-London flight” or similar, I’ll just add those instructions to our Intentful.AI platform and will get one more sentence or a paragraph.

Our vision at Intentful is to help brands and businesses be discovered through content, by being relevant and, well, intentful. We make it possible by bringing together years of experience, the passion for innovation, the love of technologies, and the love of results.

If you want to see what AI will come up with for your brand, let Bruce and I know. Not only does Intentful.AI save budget and time, but the experience is also so much fun.

As I am typing this, I have an idea. I will upload the contents of the presentation that I am doing this week at MMA to our AI platform and will ask AI what questions I might receive from the audience. I won’t publish these questions before the event but will write them right after: what AI thought I’d be asked based on my slides, and what the actual questions were.

Always happy to chat over a good coffee. Let’s connect.