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Beyond ChatGPT. The Benefits of Generative AI.

By 2025, generative AI is expected to contribute 10% of all global data and 30% of all outbound marketing content, and its market is expected to grow annually by 33.2% by 2027. The technology has been around for a while, and yet it is in its starting phase, so today it’s still a good time to get in from the ground up.

One of the most well-known generative AI platforms is ChatGPT, a GPT model trained for human-like conversations. GPT-3 was trained on 175 billion parameters and it, no doubt, opened access to generative AI to millions of people worldwide. It is thanks to ChatGPT and OpenAI that industries and workflows are being disrupted and transformed. But there are some limitations that are important to know about for those who consider using ChatGPT in their professional work.  

This blog post explores these limitations. It’s important to note that we talk about ChatGPT for business use, not the foundational GPT models.  

Generative AI Basics for Marketers

But first, let’s outline what generative AI is. Because that’s where its limitations stem from.

This type of artificial intelligence creates unique content: mostly text, images, and videos. Its use cases are diverse, ranging from generating interactive gaming experiences to assisting with digital content marketing. It analyzes large amounts of data, “sees” patterns, and can create – generate – something new based on the data it was trained on. For instance, it can process a set of images and come up with a unique image based on them (or, after processing thousands of a brand’s texts, it can recreate their style patterns).

While generating a text, generative AI models predict the next best word based on the data in the training dataset.


The benefits of  generative AI for marketers 

  • It can create many variations of unique marketing content with minimum effort. And you’ll need as many as possible to connect with customers at multiple touchpoints (this blog post explains why).

  • GAI is more cost-effective than other content creation methods, enabling marketers to create more content without increasing the budget. 

  • Generative AI is fast, accelerating content creation multiple folds and, as a result, allowing your team to focus on other, non-tedious tasks. For instance, at Intentful, we use 3 rounds of quality assurance (QA) by humans. Despite that, this is our efficiency on average:

Limitations of ChatGPT

ChatGPT relies on pre-trained knowledge from the open internet through September 2021. That’s why:

  • It does not “know” your brand, your marketing guidelines, your proprietary information, the style and voice of your marketing.
  • Its output can be far from optimal when it comes to creating content that has to do with anything that happened after September 2021.
  • ChatGPT is not designed to be used as a search engine (besides the already mentioned reason for that, another one is that it does not have the ability to crawl the web or index information YET).
  • It provides general responses that may not be tailored to a specific consumer segment or brand. 
  • ChatGPT may not be able to understand the nuances of a brand's tone of voice, or it may not be able to recognize the specific needs and interests of a target audience. 

You can ask it for any of the above, but because of how large language models work – by predicting the next best word based on the data it was trained on – it will provide you with the answers that will sound believable, but will be made up.

Because of all of that, ChatGPT can’t describe your brand, recreate its marketing style, or effectively address your target audience. 

Beyond ChatGPT – Maximize the Power of Generative AI

ChatGPT is a GPT model trained to have a conversation. Imagine if ChatGPT wasn’t limited to data through September 2021, had information about your brand and business, and could be constantly updated? It’s already possible today.

At Intentful, we build custom business-specific solutions where we bring together the power of generative AI as well as data inputs and workflows tailored to your company.  Here is a list of some of the benefits businesses get:

  1. Enhance the consistency, coherence, and unity of your brand's unique voice and style across various text types, from blog posts and marketing emails to product descriptions and social media updates. As a result, you can effectively convey your brand's identity and values to your audience.
  2. Maximize the use of your available data sources to create a brand knowledge base, including the most recent ones and those not on the open internet.
  3. Intentful customizes and fine-tunes its solutions to specific business needs, objectives, and audiences to create more effective texts. 
  4. Such tailored approach leads to a wide application scope – lots of use cases across multiple industries and business functions. This means that one can use Intentful’s artificial intelligence for marketing, sales, customer support, and internal documentation management, to name a few fields. 
  5. We seamlessly and securely integrate our solutions with existing systems and processes within an organization, taking care of data privacy and increasing the convenience of use. 
  6. Intentful can boost its AI platforms with additional data insights to address specific challenges. This adds to the content quality.
  7. Intentful’s processes are built around continuous feedback and refinement based on performance metrics and client-user input. This allows us to continuously improve quality and meet changing business needs. 

While ChatGPT is great for certain purposes, it’s lacking when it comes to business-specific AI content creation at scale.

Contact us today to discuss how Intentful can help with your content needs. It can be a turnkey solution, where we work on an SOW basis and deliver it ready-to-publish, or we create a fully custom AI platform for you, tailored to your brand's unique voice,style and facts.