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 Products and Services

Cutting-edge AI to grow your business

PerfectPitch by Intentful

A fully customized AI platform for enterprises, with AI tuned to know a business or a brand, adjusted to workflow and use cases.

Intentful Studio

A full-service content creation agency for turnkey delivery. Powered by AI and driven by our team of strategists, prompt engineers, writers, and designers.

Intentful Conversations

A suite of conversational AI solutions to elevate brand-customer interactions through ChatGPT plugins, Know-It-All virtual assistant, and KnowledgeBase datasets, transforming how people discover brands through conversations and new types of search.


An AI-powered platform created specifically for Destination Marketing Organizations. HappyPlaces helps DMOs create more high-quality relevant content in their style while saving time and resources on content production. Sign up now!

PerfectPitch by Intentful

an AI-powered platform fully customized for a business or a brand 

We create a platform fully tuned for our clients based on their goals, use cases, data sources when applicable, the client’s content strategy team expectations, and even preferred workflows. We train the AI model not just for the brand’s voice and style, but the brand's information, facts, use cases, and more. 

While customized, the platform setup is fast and can be done in under 2 weeks after the initial goals and KPIs discussion between the client and Intentful. 

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Intentful Studio

a full-service content creation agency powered by our cutting-edge AI technology

Driven by our team of content strategists, prompt engineers, writers, and designers, Intentful Studio services include: 

Turnkey content delivery

  • AI-powered content creation: Utilizing our custom AI platform, our content strategists and operators produce high-quality, unique, and engaging content at scale, tailored to each client's brand voice and style.
  • Human QA: Our rigorous process includes at least three rounds of quality assurance and fact-checking to ensure accuracy, relevance, and consistency across all content.
  • Content optimization: We ensure all content is optimized for search engines and social media platforms.
  • Performance tracking and analysis: We monitor content performance and provide actionable insights to continually refine content strategies and drive optimal results. 

Strategy, analytics,  and tech

  • Content planning: We work closely with clients to develop a comprehensive content strategy that aligns with their business goals and the target audience's needs. 
  • Analytics: From simple account setup to more advanced data analysis that dictates marketing and content strategy to meet the objectives. 
  • Audience segmentation. 
  • E-commerce: Connecting marketing data and sales data to optimize sales path and conversions. 
  • SEO: High-level strategy and monthly adjustments. 
  • Technical SEO. 
  • Technical audit. 

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Intentful Conversations

The age of static content is over. Conversational AI is no longer a buzzword.

ChatGPT Plugin

Recently, OpenAI introduced ChatGPT plugins, a way to connect your website or an app with the 100-million user ecosystem. Get in touch – we will help connect your brand to the audience that discovers brands and services through a conversation on ChatGPT.


Remember old chatbots that never really worked? That’s so 2021. Add Know-It-All to your website – a virtual assistant that will have a real, natural-language conversation with users. Know-It-All will know your brand and your business, and more. Contact us for a demo.


A solution to have answers to every single question your customer or a new employee may have. Intentful works with companies to create the Brand KnowledgeBase datasets, designed at the intersection of brand content, data insights, audience interests, and conversational AI.

Generative AI is disrupting multiple industries, with one of the biggest disruptions coming to search. Search has been evolving during the last several years, with people asking more and more complex questions online. According to a study by ahrefs, 94.6% of all queries have a search volume of only 10 or fewer per month.

At the same time, 81.8% of people say they use search engines frequently (social media is 94.6%, and chat and messaging is 94.8%). The explosive popularity of ChatGPT showed how conversational search is what people want. The brand content is never going to be static again. While the transition from traditional search will take some time, your target audience will be able to converse in search engines and ask single questions about a brand.

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As many DMOs continue to face staffing challenges after Covid, Intentful offers a timely solution that enables destination marketers to generate high-quality, relevant content tailored to a DMO’s unique brand style. The end result – more traffic to the destination's website and social channels.

  • Content in the DMO’s voice and style
  • Multiple templates for DMO-specific use cases
  • Live data insights
  • All at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods
  • Support by a team of experts