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Human and Artificial Intelligence

How it works

Intentful analyzes data from multiple sources to identify topics that matter most to your customers. With that understanding, Intentful’s AI then creates high-quality content relevant to your target audience, increasing the chances that your content will be discovered and that your customers will interact with it.


Step 1

Aggregated user interest data is added to the Intentful.AI platform. Near real-time.


Step 2

A data set is updated for the brand and subject matter relevance. AI is trained.


Step 3

Content is generated by AI, reviewed and edited by content strategists and editors.

See things in action

A human is ALWAYS involved

AI technology rapidly evolves, but without human input, machines can’t create truly meaningful content that responds to the complexities of human emotion. 

While we have automated many traditional content creation tasks, no machine can replace the human touch. Our content strategists and editors ensure that all content is well-written, accurate, and engaging.

More quality content, faster, and at a lower cost

Intentful is powered by the latest advances in data and machine learning.

  • Increased speed and scalability

  • At a fraction of the cost of traditional content creation

  • More varied and always fresh content

  • Relevant to audience interests

  • SEO-friendly

  • No plagiarism

  • On-brand and on-message

  • Can imitate brand style and voice

  • Increased website traffic, leads and ROI

  • Repeated onboarding for every new writer

  • Budget overspend

  • Scope cut due to budget restrictions

  • Content creation guesswork

  • Inconsistent message

  • Gaps in publishing frequency

  • Writer’s block leading to delivery delays

  • Poor quality writing

  • Lack of talent


Our clients have seen a significant increase in engagement and website traffic, as well as a decrease in content creation costs and turnaround times

Budget savings

On average, clients see 30% savings when compared to traditional content creation

Organic traffic increase

+60% and higher, thanks to the data insights and fully original relevant content

Turnaround time

Up to 5 times faster from brief to publication when compared to traditional content production